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Beschreibung: Xena Warrior Princess Fanpage
You are a fan of the TV series "Xena"? Then you must have a look at that website! It's a terrific Xena fan site. For here Xena, the Warrior Princess, plays the main role. Everything you always wanted to know about Xena you will learn here. And there are games and videos and lots more great stuff as well.

Do you remember the U.S. television series Xena: Warrior Princess? Actually, this series of a powerful and attractive princess was only intended as an offshoot of the series Hercules - but it has quickly become independent and won its own fans. For those who followed the fantasy series on television and are true fans of Xena this site is a must. You can find out more about the individual episodes of Xena, about the history, the characters, the action, the background, and lots more. There are also links to other fan sites, games and video. As an admirer of Xena you will soon learn to love this website.


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